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Sep 24
NSS day Celebration

On the occasion of NSS Day, 24th Sept 09, Tejaa Sakthi Institute of Techonology for Women celebrated the day by planting the trees in the campus with Siruthuli’s assistance.


The Apex members of  Siruthuli, Mr. P. S. Kasha, Mr. Kesavan, Mr. Krishnan and Mr. Ramesh addressed the students about the environmental degradation caused by the use of plastics, the biggest threat to eco system. Prof. Arthanari presided over the function. The Siruthuli Apex members made a presentation to the  students to make them of the danger of  public apathy towards environmental problems and the ever increasing peril of the ‘Use and  Throw Culture’ of consumerism.


They highlighted the importance of citizen responsibility for most of  the problems of the environment and urged the students to practice conservation of resources and minimise  waste by following eco-friendly practices. Only by doing so will they be able to give a better world to their progeny.