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Oct 31
Inauguration of the Red Ribbon Club

Tejaa Shakthi Institute of technology for Women inaugurated the Red Ribbon Club on 31.10.09 at the campus.  Dr. M.  Arthanari, Hod of CSE and IT presided over the function.   The District Manager, RRC, Mr. D. Sekar Mahesh gave a presentation on RRC.


The Chief Guest Dr. Mahadevan, Medical Officer, Department of STI , Coimbatore Medical College created an awareness  about HIV, AIDS  among the students.  He said that AIDS, a high-risk disease can be prevented through proper awareness among the public.   He explained the misconception clearly that no one has ever been infected by a shared coffee cup, spoon, or fork, or by the use of a water fountain or a toilet seat, mosquito or other insects’ bite.  He said that It spreads from infected persons through blood transfusion, infected pregnant mother to baby, use of unsterilized needles or syringes with an infected person,  through open sores,  irritations from other STD’s and unprotected sex. He also explained various ways to protect themselves from the evil.  He underlined that by consuming healthy food and taking proper medicines, the HIV Positive person can prolong his/her life span to some extent.     


He advised them that in order to protect themselves from the HIV AIDS epidemic disease, they should not do anything which they think their children ought not to do in future.   This is the only way to protect themselves from HIV AIDS spreading through STD. Ultimately, the fatal disease; HIV can be preventable if everyone takes precautions seriously.