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Oct 24
Inauguration of the Youth Red Cross Unit

Tejaa Shakthi Institute of Technology for Women inaugurated the Youth Red Cross Unit on 24th Oct 2009 at the campus. Dr. M.  Arthanari, HOD of the CSE and IT presided over the function. Ms. K. Priyadarshika, YRC student Chairman listed out the forthcoming plan of activities to the gathering.


Dr. Usha Elango, Pediatrician, Perks Medical Centre, spoke about the urgent necessity for organ donation. Drawing attention to the fact that in India there is a dire need for organ donation, she made an impassioned plea to the students to spread the word and persuade people to donate their organs. She dispelled all the misconceptions about the inelegance of organ donation and convinced the students about the need to work for this noble goal in order to supply a great and ever increasing demand. She said that more than eight organs like the heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, skin, tissues can be donated.  Even one percent of cadaver donations from the entire population of India is sufficient to cater to the needs of the sick and ailing, and help to save thousands of lives.