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Jan 22
Science Inaugural and Birth day Celebration of Charles Babbage and Ramanujam


scinece inaugural

Science Inaugural and Charles Babbage and Ramanujam birthday was celebrated in  in Tejaa Shakthi Institute Of Technology For Women on 22-Jan-2010.Prof. Dr. C.Sivaraj, Director,DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence,Coimbatore was the chief guest of the day.

 The Chief Guest inaugurated the science club. He spoke the evolution of computers and its impact on the society.He requested the students to do research in their own field of interest.He advised students to publish papers in reputed journals as many papers as possible.The students also presented presentation about Charles Babbage the " father of computer" and the great mathematician, Dr.Ramanujam.

science day inagural function

The inventions of Charles Babbage and the improvement in technology were discussed. The reserach of  Dr.Ramanujam in mathematics was presented in the club. Finally the programme came to an end with the vote of thanks and National Antham.